What kind of organic fertilizer equipment is better for granulation?


Before the official sale or use of organic fertilizer, in order to facilitate transportation and use, it needs to be screened and granulated first. Granulation is an important environment of organic fertilizer production line, so which granulation equipment is better to use in the configuration of organic fertilizer equipment?

At present, there are many manufacturers of fertilizer equipment, and the machines they make are also different. When users choose, they must combine their actual needs to make a reasonable choice to ensure the quality and cost performance. In the granulation process of fertilizer industry, it mainly includes rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, flat die pelleting machine, roller extrusion granulator and other types. Among which disc granulation machine and roller extrusion granulator are commonly used.
fertilizer granulation machine

In the configuration of organic fertilizer equipment, there is a pelletizing equipment of rolling into ball type represented by disc granulator machine and drum granulator. This type of granulator drives the raw materials to roll in the tank through the rotation of equipment, and sprays water, oil, resin and other adhesives with the help of spray device. The ball forming rate of the material is very high, and the ball is round, the output is large, and the appearance is good. However, due to its large volume and high requirements for materials, the organic fertilizer production line needs to be dried after granulation. Therefore, this way of granulation has advantages and disadvantages, so we should pay attention to the reasonable choice.

Another is the mechanical extrusion granulator represented by the flat die pellet mill and the double roller press granulator, which is used for making feed and storage by rolling extrusion between the roller and the roll. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, simple operation, large particle strength, even particle size and no need to dry the finished product. The disadvantages are low humidity and high adhesion.

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