Detailed introduction of three fertilizer production lines: disc, drum and double roller


When many customers purchase fertilizer production equipment, there are many choices and inquiries about the three production lines: disc granulator production line, drum granulator production line and double roller granulator production line. Many people don't understand the principles of these fertilizer production processes and the specific equipment. In fact, a set of fertilizer production line is to select granulator according to the raw materials needed to produce fertilizer products, not just randomly, and the organic fertilizer production line is not fixed. All equipment is determined according to the demand, site and local factors.

Disc granulator fertilizer production line

1. The structure of the disc granulator machine is novel, novel and reasonable, with reduced weight and height. The process layout is flexible and convenient, suitable for the transformation of existing fertilizer plants.
2. The inclination of the large plate can be adjusted. The angle gasket is used for flexible and convenient adjustment.
3. Adopt unique unpowered combination scraper integration to reduce auxiliary power consumption.
4. The big plate is composed of a plate body and a plate section. Reduce the main motor power. The disc joint can be adjusted up and down along the disc body. The end of the disc joint is a side flange, which can ensure that the material ball is not pulled or torn when the material ball is out of the disk.
5. The edge is cleaned by the unpowered combination scraper, the angle is cleared by the angle scraper, and the unique treatment technology of the disc body is used.
Disc granulator fertilizer production line

Drum granulator fertilizer production line

Rotary drum granulator is suitable for granulation processing of large, medium and small organic fertilizers and NPK fertilizers. It has a wide range of applications and is used to produce high, medium and low concentration special compound fertilizers for various crops. The fertilizer production line has a large output and is equipped with large equipment such as dryers and coolers.
Drum granulator fertilizer production line

Double roller granulator fertilizer production line

Roller granulator is the key equipment of compound fertilizer granulation. It is matched with corresponding equipment to form a small fertilizer production line to realize continuous and mechanized production of a certain capacity. The fertilizer production line of double roller extrusion granulator does not need to be dried and produced at normal temperature. The product is rolled once to make the product quality meet the technical index requirements of compound fertilizer. It is an updated product of energy saving and consumption reduction in compound fertilizer industry.