Cattle manure organic fertilizer equipment pulverizer crushing compost


The crusher of cattle manure organic fertilizer equipment can be used for manure organic fertilizer processing technology. Cow dung is rich in mineral elements and various nutrients. It can be used for fermenting animal feed, planting bisporus and straw mushroom, and processing cow dung organic fertilizer. Tianci organic fertilizer crusher is used for equipments required for biofertilizer production and processing cow manure, which can not only increase the economic income of the farm, but also bring many economic, social and ecological benefits.

When the organic fertilizer production machine cow dung pulverizer is working, the rotor fixed on the main shaft rotates at a high speed in a certain direction driven by the motor. The rotten cow dung compost falls on the throwing plate from the feeding hopper. After being impacted by the high-speed rotating throwing plate rib, it is quickly thrown to the impact plate under the action of centrifugal force. The fermentation products of cow dung pass through the crushing cavities of upper, middle and lower rotors in turn, and are hit, counteracted, squeezed and ground by the upper, middle and lower hammers and impact plates at high frequency, so that the materials are gradually broken from large to small, broken into the required particles and discharged from the body.
Cattle manure organic fertilizer equipment pulverizer crushing compost

Organic fertilizer equipment cow dung crusher is suitable for crushing raw materials and return materials, especially for materials with high moisture content. It is not easy to block and discharge smoothly. The raw material after fermentation of livestock manure is grinded by grinder, which is more suitable for drum granulation, which improves the production efficiency of the whole organic fertilizer and is convenient for granulation processing of high-quality fertilizer.