NPK Compound Fertilizer Development and Fertilizer Plant Production


Chemical fertilizer provides nutrients for continuous agricultural production, but single chemical fertilizer hasn't high utilization rate, limited promotion ability to crops, and a large amount of application is not conducive to crop growth. NPK compound fertilizer production has become the main trend of fertilizer. The granulation process of NPK fertilizer production line can make basic fertilizer with different nutrients into multi-element compound fertilizer.

Over a long period of time, the international fertilizer industry was dominated by unit fertilizer. After the 1950s, due to the requirements of agricultural development and the possibility of chemical fertilizer industry development, compound fertilizer began to develop and became a general rule of fertilizer production and application. Modern agriculture can be used for agricultural fertilization based on soil nutrient diagnostic analysis and large-scale fertilizer test results for different soils, different crops, different climates and other different production conditions. Moreover, modern agriculture requires mechanical fertilization instead of manual fertilization to increase fertilization efficiency and reduce the cost of fertilization operations. This requires the fertilizer industry to provide a variety of granulated commercial fertilizers to meet the agricultural requirements of different production conditions, so the compound fertilizer is developed. Fertilizer machine manufacturers offer fertilizer granulator machine that make a variety of fertilizers into commercial pellets for the agricultural market.
NPK fertilizer production line

According to the soil nutrient analysis data and fertilizer efficiency test results, fertilizer plant should produce NPK fertilizers in a targeted manner. The main reference contents of NPK fertilizer production and processing include the varieties and specifications of fertilizers (mainly nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium ratios), the application amount per unit area, fertilization timing and fertilization methods. According to the existing NPK fertilizer production equipment, the fertilizer plant produces several varieties of compound fertilizers that can meet the needs of local agriculture and sell them directly to farmers. The NPK fertilizer production line provided by the fertilizer machine manufacturers can make the basic fertilizer into a special compound fertilizer suitable for different crops.