Small windrow turning machine for strip fermented organic fertilizer production


Strip stacking fermentation equipment mainly refers to windrow compost turning machine. Windrow compost turning machine is a kind of turn equipment suitable for batch fermentation. It is used for small-scale manure fermentation to produce organic fertilizer. It is usually configurable in family or small-scale organic fertilizer production line. Strip stacking fermentation needs a larger site, materials can be directly fermented on the ground, and materials can be agitated on the stack by windrow turner.

Strip stacking fermentation is to stack materials into a certain height of strip stacking, without the need to build fermentation tank. Through the flipping function of the stacker, natural air is fed into the stack from both sides of the stack to provide oxygen for composting fermentation. Strip stacker is mainly composed of overturning device, walking tractor and transmission system, mainly driven by internal combustion engine. Strip stacking fermentation has poor heating effect because of low material stacking height. Because of outdoor accumulation fermentation, it is easy to be affected by season and rainy days. And its tail gas pollution, odor and seepage will bring environmental protection problems. Compost windrow turner is more suitable for pretreatment of sticky materials, small-scale production, farm fertilizer production, no fixed production site or temporary production.
windrow compost turning machine

Agricultural wastes and animal manure are composted and granulated through the organic fertilizer production line and processed into organic fertilizer. Composting refers to the process in which organic matter is mineralized, humified and harmless (killing pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, weed seeds, etc.) by high-temperature fermentation under the action of microorganisms, and becomes a decomposed fertilizer. The composting process needs to consume a large amount of oxygen. The function of the material dumper is to promote material flow and accelerate composting fermentation. The windrow turning machine has the advantages of even turning, strong mechanical treatment ability and good fermentation effect. And then fertilizer granulator machine makes fermented compost into granules, and material becomes commercial organic fertilizer.