Operation method of organic fertilizer semi-wet material pulverizer


Operation method of semi-wet material crusher for organic fertilizer production line equipment:

The organic fertilizer semi-wet material grinder is a kind of equipments required for biofertilizer production. This equipment has a very good use effect. However, when using the organic fertilizer grinder, it should be used in the correct way, and only when it is used correctly can it be used. Play its role. So, what is the correct way to use the organic fertilizer grinder?

1. Before starting the machine, please check the various parts of the equipment, whether the fastening screws are loose, whether the lubricating oil in the bearing box is enough, or whether it is clean. These need to be checked to avoid serious damage to the equipment.

2. After confirming that there is no abnormal situation in the above matters, it is turned on, but at this time, it is not possible to feed. Let the equipment run idling for a few minutes first, and reconfirm the coefficient of the organic fertilizer crusher equipment.

3. After all the above is completed; the work can be officially started. When working, the feeding must be at a constant speed. It is necessary to ensure that the organic fertilizer crusher equipment is working under the rated load. If the work is overloaded, we must temporarily stop the work. After the organic fertilizer crusher equipment returns to normal state, continue to feed.

4. Observe the working pressure of the system at any time during use, especially the temperature of the bearing box. Avoid accidents.

5. After the work is completed, before preparing to shut down, you must stop the feeding first, and then let the organic fertilizer crusher equipment continue to run for a few minutes until the materials in the crushing cavity are completely discharged before shutting down.

For those of us who purchase organic fertilizer crusher equipment, we will teach customers how to use it one-to-one. We will tell customers any details until the customers can use the fertilizer manufacturing equipment correctly.