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Flat die granulation organic fertilizer production equipment, process layout compact, advanced technology, energy saving, no three emissions. The organic fertilizer production line has a wide range of raw materials adaptability, which is suitable for various proportions of organic compound fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and urban sludge. It is an extension project of practical technology of environmental protection.

Process of pig manure organic fertilizer production line

1. Raw material fermentation (windrow turner), 2. Raw material automatic batching system, 3. Crusher, 4. Fertilizer granulator, 5. Drying, 6. Cooling, 7. Screening qualified organic fertilizer particles, 8. Automatic packaging machine. Pig manure is rich in organic matter, which can provide nutrients for crop growth and improve soil. There are many kinds of organic fertilizers, with a wide range of raw materials and various fertilizers.

Flat die pellet mill

The new organic fertilizer flat die pellet mill is an ideal bio-organic fertilizer granulator, because it has less moisture during granulation, not only saves power when drying, but also requires low-temperature and large-volume production during drying, so as not to kill microorganisms. Organic fertilizer flat die pellet equipment does not produce large particles during production. The yield is very high, and there is almost no return. The particles are uniform in size, the particles are uniform and beautiful, and the granulation speed is fast. The new flat die pellet mill is suitable for the production of organic fertilizers such as sheep dung, cow dung, furfural slag, straw and other materials due to extrusion granulation. These materials have high crude fiber, poor viscosity, and low specific gravity. Disc granulation, drum granulation and wet granulation are not easy to form balls. The granules processed by flat die pellet and ring die pellet are columnar granules, and fertilizers are better sold.
flat die pellet mill

Maintenance of flat die pellet mill

After using the flat die pellet mill for a period of time, it is necessary to add lubricating oil for maintenance. So how to refuel, how to change oil is more appropriate? First of all, when changing oil, clean the box and oil filter first. After clarifying the lubricating oil used this time, put the clean lubricating oil on the upper layer into the box again for cleaning, and then discharge and install new lubricating oil. Generally, after 500 hours of use, the lubricating oil needs to be replaced once. Secondly, it is necessary to note that the oil level in normal operation is not lower than the center line of the oil standard, and it should be replenished immediately if it is lower than the center line. After oil change, change the oil every 3000 hours later.