Why to process organic fertilizer into granules


There are mainly two kinds of organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer production equipment in physical form: powdery fertilizer and granular fertilizer. Among them, there are more granular fertilizers in daily production and use. The main purpose of making granular fertilizer products by organic fertilizer granulator is to facilitate the packing and transportation of materials and prevent the secondary fermentation of organic fertilizer. In addition, in terms of sales, it is also a good way to sell granular organic fertilizer. Here's why to use organic fertilizer granulator to process fertilizer products into granules:

1. It's more convenient to apply. Some organic fertilizers have a lighter proportion, and are easy to be dispersed by the wind when they are applied in the field. It's easy to use them as granules.

2. Some inorganic ingredients can be added to the fertilizer to improve the fertilizer efficiency. If inorganic ingredients are added to the powder, it is easy to absorb moisture and agglomerate.

3. In order to get powdery materials, they must have low water content and be crushed. The larger limiting factor in the production of organic fertilizer is that the water can not be removed and it needs to be dried. It is not necessary to dry to make particles. In the process of granulation, very high heat is generated and only needs to be cooled, which is very convenient.
organic fertilizer granules

Organic fertilizer granulating equipment

With the market demand, we have designed different granulating equipment for organic fertilizer, including pan granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat die extrusion pellet mill and organic fertilizer granulator.

Pan granulator is composed of big plate, big gear, transmission one side, frame, base, scraper frame, non power scraper, etc. The disc pan granulator has the advantages of novel and reasonable structure, small weight, small floor area, adjustable tilt angle of large plate, and is suitable for small fertilizer plants. Rotary drum granulator is suitable for the granulation of cold and hot materials and the mixed granulation of organic compound fertilizer, suitable for large-scale fertilizer plants. Organic fertilizer pelletizer is a special equipment for fermentation compost pelletizing, which is suitable for most organic pelletizing situations. Flat die pellet mill has a strong adaptability to raw materials, which can completely solve the key technical problems that are difficult to be solved by the traditional pelletizing process such as disc or drum, and has a better pelletizing effect on the straw fermentation materials that are not easy to be pelletized.