Plant ash fertilizer manufacturing process and equipment configuration


Plant ash is the ash left after burning plants. Because the plant ash contains about 6% - 12% potassium oxide, the plant ash is a good potassium fertilizer. In addition, plant ash contains not only potassium, but also more phosphorus and calcium, as well as magnesium, boron, zinc, sulfur, molybdenum, copper and other trace elements. Therefore, the plant ash is an ideal high-quality fertilizer.

Plant ash fertilizer manufacturing process: Stirring - granulation - screening - packaging. The main equipment is mixer, roller press granulator, drum screening machine, packaging machine.

The equipment of the whole fertilizer manufacturing process is connected by belt conveyor. Because the plant ash fertilizer production process adopts extrusion granulation, the production line with small capacity can save the dryer and cooler, and save energy consumption.

Double roller press granulator can make the plant ash powder into particles, which is convenient for the storage and application of fertilizer, and can slow down the fertilizer effect of the grass and wood ash in the soil.
double roller press granulator

The main component of plant ash is potassium carbonate, which is alkaline, so when storing and applying, fertilizer machine manufacturers reminds you to pay attention to:

1. The plant ash shall be stored in a dry way, and shall not be poured into the livestock shed, chicken house and pigsty, or stored in a humid and open place, or mixed with human and animal manure and urine. Because the basic substance contained in the plant ash can promote the decomposition of nitrogen nutrients in organic fertilizer and lead to the loss of fertilizer efficiency. Therefore, the accumulated plant ash shall be stored separately and shall not be mixed with other fertilizers.

2. Plant ash is suitable for all kinds of neutral soil, especially for acid soil. It can adjust soil acidity and promote the release of phosphorus. But it can not be applied to alkaline soil, so as to avoid aggravating the content and alkalization degree of soil.

3. Plant ash is suitable for many crops, especially for sugarbeet, potato, fruit and vegetable. The effect of fertilizer is better than chemical potassium fertilizer on the chlorine free crops such as potato and grape.