Factors and principles to consider for purchasing organic fertilizer equipment


There is no doubt that the price of organic fertilizer equipment determines what kind of equipment users can buy. In addition to the first consideration of price factors, users should also consider what kind of work efficiency and occasions the organic fertilizer production equipment is suitable for.

1. Price factors of organic fertilizer equipment. Fertilizer equipment basically belongs to large-scale machinery, and the price of a complete set of organic fertilizer production line is not cheap, so we must verify from the utilization rate when purchasing, whether the purchased machine can give full play to its performance, and whether its performance meets the use? Then consider the price, do not blindly want to find cheap machinery, but also pay attention to the quality, which is the cost-effective requirement Now. If the cost performance is not high, it is a waste to buy it back at a low price. Therefore, we must identify the manufacturer and the way of sales, and compare the three products to see which organic fertilizer equipment manufacturer produces products with high cost performance and suitable for the size of their own raw materials.

2. What is the main processing of organic fertilizer equipment. Some farms only purchase equipment for harmless disposal of manure, which is simply processed into organic fertilizer raw materials and sold to organic fertilizer plants. The purpose of this processing method is clear, the raw material is primary processed, the fermentation process of the organic fertilizer manufacturer is reduced, and the primary processing on the raw material site is realized. On the one hand, it increases the income from the sale and primary processing of manure and sewage, on the other hand, it reduces the process of organic fertilizer processing enterprises. For such processing, the farm only needs simple preliminary equipment. Organic fertilizer manufacturers should buy fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, packaging machine and other equipment.
organic fertilizer production line
3. Different sources and categories of organic fertilizer materials affect the utilization rate of the equipment. If proper purchase and natural processing are successful, it will be a waste of resources. In addition, the quality of organic fertilizer equipment varies, and the cost performance varies greatly. The funds needed to invest in the organic fertilizer production line project involve the process planning of the production line.

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