Process characteristics and operating requirements of organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment


The use of organic fertilizer when planting vegetables and fruits can make vegetables and fruits grow better. Organic fertilizer production requires organic fertilizer equipments required for biofertilizer production. However, the use of organic fertilizer equipment is more troublesome and requires certain technical requirements to be able to operate the fertilizer equipment properly. So, what are the basic operating requirements for organic fertilizer equipment?

One. Process characteristics of organic fertilizer made from livestock and poultry manure
1. In terms of time, it is basically not affected by the season, and the investment scale of the equipment is not large, and the plant area occupied by the equipment is small. In the actual use process, the operation is simple and the management and maintenance cost is very low.
2. After the professional treatment of the equipment, the livestock manure will be fermented, the related bacteria will be eliminated, and the odor will be removed to generate organic fertilizer.
3. Poultry manure can be fully utilized to increase the benefits of by-products in the livestock breeding industry.
4. Livestock manure can be processed relatively quickly, reducing the time of accumulation in the open air, and minimizing pollution.

Two. The key technology of making organic fertilizer equipment from livestock and poultry manure
1. In the fertilizer manufacturing equipment for making organic fertilizer from livestock manure, the more critical equipment is the stacker. The materials and the composition of the main parts have a very important impact on the processing of livestock manure. Because, generally speaking, related Parts must have good characteristics such as corrosion resistance and acid resistance, because most livestock manures are corrosive, therefore, improving the corrosion resistance of the equipment is the key to prolonging the service life of the equipment.
2. The quality of the organic fertilizer is greatly affected by the material ratio parameters. This requires technical management personnel. When setting the relevant material ratio parameters, Adjustment control according to the actual air temperature, humidity, etc.
3. Scientifically control the moisture content and reasonably control the temperature of the material.
4. Stable electrical control operation system.