Equipment for processing pig manure into organic fertilizer


Now under the pressure of environmental protection, more and more farms are beginning to solve this problem, trying to change the current negative situation. This practice shows that the treatment of organic fertilizer through pig manure is an environmentally sound treatment method, and it is not harmful to the environment. The use of resources in large pig farms provides an effective method.

Prospects of pig manure organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment:

1. Pig manure organic fertilizer is rich in resources. There are many raw material resources for pig manure organic fertilizer equipment, and there are hundreds of large breeding counties in the country.

2. Pig manure organic fertilizer is of high quality. Pig manure for one year, after the auxiliary materials are used to make fertilizer, 2000-2500kg pig manure organic fertilizer can be retorted. The comprehensive organic matter content is higher than 45, and it is also rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. And other nutrients, the content is more than 6, which is in line with national standards and applicable organic fertilizers.

3. The market for pig manure organic fertilizer is in large demand. Commercial pig manure organic fertilizer equipment can not only meet the needs of local fertilizers, but also meet the needs of surrounding markets. The effect of farmland improvement, fruit trees, tea planting, and vegetable planting is particularly good.

4. National policy support. For the aquaculture industry, policy support for the utilization of aquaculture resources in more than 500 large aquaculture counties is a strong market proof.

5. Pig manure organic fertilizer equipment is suitable for production attempts of organic fertilizer equipment in breeding enterprises or large breeding areas, which can effectively reduce pollution emissions from pig farms, realize the harmless treatment of breeding pollution, and achieve the purpose of resource utilization. Pig manure organic fertilizer equipments required for biofertilizer production adapts to the strategy of commercialized organic fertilizer management and promotes the formation of the production industry chain. It is process equipment that integrates industrialization, marketization, and large-scale production development, which is conducive to the sustainable development of agriculture. It not only effectively promotes the development of ecological agriculture, but also agriculture Options for the development of circular economy.

Pig manure production NPK fertilizer manufacturing process:

(1) Organic fertilizer production line: raw materials and auxiliary materials: raw materials: 100 kg of pig manure; auxiliary materials: 50 kg of wood chips, 50 kg of waste materials such as bran powder.

(2) Organic fertilizer granulator: the ratio of raw materials and auxiliary materials: C/N ratio is controlled at 23-28. Water content: the water content of pig manure after the ratio is controlled at 52%-68.

(3) The pile height of the bio-organic fertilizer equipment: in natural ventilation, the height is 1.0-1.5 meters, the width is 1.5-3.0 meters, and the length is arbitrary.

(4) Temperature change of organic fertilizer production equipment: The complete composting process consists of four stages: low temperature, medium temperature, high temperature and cooling. The compost temperature is generally 50-60 , and can reach 70-80 at high temperature. The temperature is from low to high the process of gradual increase is the harmless treatment process of compost. Compost is maintained at high temperature (45-65°C) for 10 days, and pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, grass seeds, etc. can be killed.