How to process sheep manure into organic fertilizer


Feasibility of processing sheep manure into organic fertilizer

The raw materials of sheep manure organic fertilizer are easy to obtain. Nowadays, there are large-scale cultivation in various places, and the resources of sheep manure are also very rich. Using sheep manure to produce organic fertilizer can solve the problem of environmental pollution and produce a large number of sheep manure organic fertilizer, which can also bring economic benefits.

Sheep manure is rich in nutrients, which can be easily decomposed into effective nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops, and slow nutrients that are not easy to decompose, so it is a good fertilizer combining the speed and speed of fertilizer efficiency. For the geological improvement of alkaline land and barren land, it has a good effect on improving crop yield.
sheep manure into organic fertilizer production process

Production technology of sheep manure organic fertilizer

The production process of sheep manure organic fertilizer includes crushing process, screening process, granulation process, drying, cooling process, particle screening process, and finally packaging process. The whole processing process is connected by belt conveyor.

The development of organic fertilizer pelletizer has been continuously improved, which is more and more in line with the development of modern agriculture. Fertilizer granulation machine is an important equipment for processing sheep manure organic fertilizer. In the dazzling world of organic fertilizer pelletizing equipment, how many kinds of organic fertilizer pelletizers are suitable for you? What are the advantages of these granulation equipment?

Types and advantages of organic fertilizer granulation machine

1. The roller granulator has the advantages of energy saving, stable operation, wide applicability of raw materials and various production types. This machine mainly relies on the external pressurization mode, which makes the materials forced to pass through the gap between two relative rotating rollers and compress into pieces. In the rolling process, the actual density of the material can be increased by 1.5 ~ 3 times, so as to meet the requirement of - fixed particle strength.

2. The disc granulator machine has high productivity, long service life, and is solid and durable.

3. The flat die pellet mill is a new type of pelletizer machine, which is more suitable for the production of modern agricultural organic compound fertilizer. The raw materials do not need to be dried, crushed and crushed before granulation, which saves energy.

4. Rotary drum granulator is solid and durable, with good balling performance and long service life. The corresponding equipment of the organic fertilizer production line of the drum granulator includes: crusher, mixer, dryer, cooler, packaging machine, screening machine.