Prospect and production of coated controlled release fertilizer


Coated controlled release fertilizer

The traditional chemical fertilizer, such as N or a certain proportion of N, P, K compound fertilizer, is coated with a special biological or chemical water soluble polymer film. Based on the characteristics of film thickness, particle radius, diffusion coefficient, nutrient composition and dissolution, the release rate and amount of fertilizer nutrient are controlled according to the time of growing nutrient demand of crops, so that the release rate of fertilizer nutrient can fully match the needs of crops.
coated controlled release fertilizer granularcoated controlled release fertilizer granular

What are the advantages of coated controlled release fertilizer?

1. Reduce human management cost

After the fertilizer is made into particles by the rotary drum granulator, the coating process is carried out. The coated fertilizer greatly reduces the times of artificial labor fertilization, reduces the amount of fertilizer used, and reduces the loss of fertilizer, thus saving time, labor and money.

2. Increase of economic benefits

The coated controlled-release fertilizer can improve the fertilizer utilization rate, which is the key to save agricultural cost and increase product benefit. Before the fertilizer is coated, it should be pelletized by disc granulator machine. Therefore, the effect of granular fertilizer is long-term and stable. The energy of fertilizer can continuously supply the demand of nutrients for the whole growth period of crops. The benefit of coated controlled-release fertilizer is 1-2 times that of conventional fertilizer, which can improve the output and quality of agricultural products and increase the added value of fertilizer to crops.
production of coated controlled release fertilizer

3. Safe and harmless

Coated controlled-release fertilizer has low salt index, even if it is used in large quantities at one time, it will not burn crop seedlings. It can also solve the difficulty of topdressing in the later stage under the condition of dense crops and save labor consumption. More importantly, the coated controlled-release fertilizer is suitable for different types of plants and soils, and effectively prevents the acidification and salinization of natural land.

Human beings often face the dilemma of choice. The manufacturing cost of the coated controlled-release fertilizer is 3-4 times higher than that of the ordinary fertilizer, so most of the coated controlled-release fertilizer is only used in high unit price horticultural flowers and fruits and agricultural products. Moreover, the equipment investment of the organic fertilizer production line is also relatively more. In order to avoid risks, manufacturers will choose simpler equipment. However, the effect of slow-release fertilizer is still desirable.