Reason for the rapid development of fertilizer production machine


In recent years, the development of organic fertilizer production equipment is faster and faster. In order to solve the problem of manure, farmers or aquicultures have focused their attention on manure processing by fertilizer production machine. The following is the introduction of organic fertilizer production equipment by Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers.

1. Fertilizer production machine help improve the quality of agricultural products. Under the same nutrient conditions, compared with chemical fertilizer, the effect of common organic fertilizer as basic fertilizer is better than that of chemical fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is completely decomposed, and the effect of top dressing is often better than that of chemical fertilizer, especially improving the quality of agricultural products is more useful than chemical fertilizer. Adding other nutrients into the organic matter, the organic fertilizer is made into a round ball by the disc granulator machine, which further improves the fertilizer efficiency. Some places are developing "organic agriculture" and "ecological agriculture". They attach great importance to the use of organic fertilizer equipment and regard organic fertilizer as the main source of green food production.

2. Fertilizer production machine improve nutrient utilization efficiency. Organic fertilizer contains a variety of organic acids, humic acids and other hydroxides with strong chelating ability, which can form chelates with a variety of metal elements. For example, when organic fertilizer is mixed with phosphorus fertilizer, organic acids and other chelates in organic fertilizer can chelate highly active aluminum ions in the soil, prevent the combination of aluminum and phosphorus, form closed storage phosphorus that is difficult to be absorbed by plants, and significantly improve the effective phosphorus content in the soil Quantity.
rapid development of fertilizer production machine
3. Fertilizer production equipment produce a large number of organic fertilizer products, which can improve the physical properties of soil. After the application of organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic aggregates with different particle sizes can be formed by combining organic colloid materials with soil inorganic colloids. Organic-inorganic aggregates are important indicators of soil fertility. The higher the water content, the better the physical properties of the soil, the stronger the ability of soil, water and fertilizer conservation, the better the ventilation performance, and the deeper the root system development.

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