Six precautions for operation of rotary drum granulator


As a fertilizer production machine manufacturer, users often consult about the use of the machine after purchasing the equipment from our factory. They have some confusion in operation, especially large-scale equipment such as rotary drum granulator.

The following describes the operation of the drum granulator six points for attention.
rotary drum granulator
(1) Before starting the power supply of the drum granulator, check the specified voltage and current indicated on the motor to confirm whether the input voltage is correct and whether the overload relay is configured.

(2) The raw materials did not enter the granulator completely. It is strictly forbidden to run by air to avoid damage to the equipment.

(3) The foundation of the rotary drum granulator must be firm, and it is better to make it work in a vibration free working environment.

(4) Confirm whether the foundation bolts and screws of rotary granulator are firmly installed.

(5) If there is any abnormal phenomenon such as start-up, temperature rising and shaking, check the equipment immediately.

(6) Check whether the motor temperature is normal, when the load increases to the normal load, check whether the current exceeds the rated current. If overload occurs, high horsepower is more appropriate.