Operation method for the first start-up of roller granulator


The double roll extrusion granulator is a new generation of efficient fertilizer production machine developed by our factory. When starting the machine for the first time, pay attention to the following operation methods.

1. The temperature should rise for about 40 to 50 minutes before starting the roller type extrusion granulator. Raise the temperature until the motor V-belt is pulled by hand until it is free. Pull eight to ten times in the normal operating direction. Then continue heating for about ten minutes, then turn on the machine, but continue to heat, because normal production needs to continue to compensate for heat; according to the different characteristics of plastics, different temperatures are scheduled.
roller granulator

2. During the normal operation of the roller granulator, the temperature of the machine should be kept stable, and it should not change from high to low. The vents are adjacent until the head temperature reaches about 200 degrees.

3. The feeding should be uniform and sufficient. The feed rate and feed rate of the machine should be matched properly. Otherwise, the quality and yield of particles will be affected.

4. In case of shutdown, the main engine should be completely cut off. It is necessary to remove the pipe plug (with a wrench). Preheat before next use.