How to solve the problem that the powder of roller granulator is not granulated?


Raw material applicability and wide range of roller granulator

The roller granulator is not only suitable for the direct granulation of livestock manure, sugar factory filter mud, municipal sludge, straw, peat and other coarse fiber organic wastes with water content of about 30%, but also suitable for the extrusion granulation of compound fertilizers such as ammonium chloride and ammonium bicarbonate. The pelletizer can extrude elliptical granular compound fertilizer and feed.
roller granulator

High pelletizing rate of roller granulator and beautiful finished products

The fertilizer production process of roller press granulator makes the pelletizing rate reach over 95%, the extruded particles are round and standard, and the strength is high. The use of rotary drum granulator requires drying, cooling and other processes, while the double roller pelletizer has a short fertilizer production process and low operating cost, which is particularly suitable for dry granulation. The crushing and separating part of extrusion granulation particle: the material flows into the crushing chamber at the lower side after being extruded, and the ball and the returned material are separated and re granulated through the rotation of the biaxial hammer, so that the raw material for granulation can be fully utilized.

What to do if the powder is not granulated?

In the organic fertilizer production line, the material is required to have a certain viscosity. Some raw materials are loose after fermentation, and it is not easy to granulate. Therefore, some moisture or binder must be added to increase the viscosity of the material. Moreover, some fertilizer production lines are produced by a non-drying normal temperature process, and the double roller extrusion granulator are suitable for granulation of materials with relatively low water content. If the moisture content of the material is too high, some dry materials can be added in an appropriate amount to neutralize the moisture content. If the water content is too low, the appropriate amount of water can be added to make the material easy to granulate.

All working bodies of the roller extrusion pelletizer machine are installed and fixed on the frame. The machine frame is welded by medium carbon steel plate and channel steel. Through strict quality control and specific process requirements, the purpose of the machine is achieved. Lifting holes are provided in the middle of the four corners of the frame for loading, unloading and transportation.