Roller skin manufacturing process of roller extrusion granulator


Roller granulator use dry granulation process to make powder into solid granules, which has unique advantages and has a smaller production capacity than rotary drum granulator. The roller skin is the core part of the double roller extrusion granulator. It plays an important role in the fertilizer granulation process, which is also an important part that we attach importance to when manufacturing this machine.

The working part of the roller granulator head: the transmission wheel is transmitted to the transmission roller shaft through the pin coupling, and the synchronous operation of a pair of rollers is guaranteed by a pair of open gears. Bearing and bearing seat, the bearing seat is installed on the frame.
Roller skin manufacturing process of roller granulator

1. Detailed introduction of the core parts of the roller granulator:

The blank is produced by our company. The overall qualification rate of the blank is over 98%. The casting process of the blank meets the use standard, the alloy material meets the standard, and the casting process meets the requirements. The casting raw materials are purchased from famous steel-making enterprises.

2. Primary processing of roller skin:

For more than 5 years, the lathe master of the enterprise has carried out the preliminary screening and processing, the turning of different specifications and different diameter roller skin appearance models, the turning of the preliminary inner hole diameter, bearing, spindle and joint parts.

3. Deep processing part:

The lathe team leader shall finish the calibration and finishing of the inner and outer diameter of the roller skin to ensure the concentricity of each set of roller skin. Meanwhile, the diameter error of the roller skin shall be within 1 wire, and the diameter error of each set of roller skin at the same position under the same conditions shall not exceed 2 wires.