The importance of granulation in fertilizer production


In the whole fertilizer production, the pelletizing system is an important process in both organic fertilizer production line and NPK compound fertilizer production line. After granulation, the fertilizer is easier to store and has a good appearance. Why is granulation an important process in fertilizer production? The following reasons show the importance of granulation.

1. Types of fertilizer production

Organic fertilizer production or chemical fertilizer production? First of all, you should know your fertilizer production type. Fertilizer processing can be divided into production of organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic fertilizer, bio organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. Granulation has a direct impact on the type of fertilizer you produce. For example, the new type organic fertilizer granulator is suitable for the production of organic fertilizer and bio organic fertilizer.

2. Particle shape

As we all know, the type of granulator determines the shape of particles. Generally speaking, particles are spherical, elliptical, powdery, cylindrical, etc. Different fertilizer granulators have different granulation systems. Particle shape is one of the factors that customers are interested in when buying fertilizer. For example, the particles processed by the pan granulator are round and spherical.
fertilizer granulator

3. Production capacity

Your production capacity is directly related to revenue. Therefore, choosing the right fertilizer granulator is very important for your fertilizer manufacturing process. And your production capacity should meet the needs of your customers. The production capacity of the rotary drum granulator is large, which is often used in large-scale granulation. Moreover, your granulator should granulate in time. As the raw materials of organic fertilizer will produce odor, it needs to be treated in time.

4. Fertilizer quality

Farmers worry about the quality of fertilizer, especially its strength. As a fertilizer manufacturer, producing high quality fertilizer is the first step to win the trust of customers. Therefore, it is necessary to design the granulation system reasonably and require the production personnel to strictly control the quality.

5. Easy to store and transport

Fertilizer strength control is important for storage and transportation. With the improvement of fertilizer equipment, the granulated fertilizer is easy to store and transport. Fertilizer does not agglomerate in storage.