Where's the roller press granulator with low price and high quality


Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer has 20 years of experience in granulator production in China. With our research on NPK fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer production line and other processes, our technology on fertilizer granulator is more and more mature. We continuously improve machine materials, improve quality and reduce production costs. Fertilizer production equipment is cheap and high quality, and is welcomed in the international market.
When purchasing fertilizer granulator, it is important to pay attention to whether the manufacturers are regular, whether they have business licenses, and whether the machines produced by the factories are qualified. The equipment produced by some irregular manufacturers must not be purchased, because the quality of the machine is not critical. When purchasing this kind of machine products, you must choose a regular manufacturer. For example, our equipment can withstand inspection.

double roller press granulator

New type double roller press granulator

We provide high-quality, cost-effective products for various industries at reasonable prices. The granules of our double roller press granulator are up to standard, the products are resistant to storage, easy to transport, and meet the requirements of market circulation. As far as nutrients are concerned, compared with chemical fertilizers, the overall nutrients of compost products based on animal manure are still low, and they can only be used as part of the bottom fertilizer. Although it helps to improve the soil and crop growth environment, the nutrients are lower and the yield is increased. The effect is not outstanding, and it is obviously different from the existing agronomic planting habits and characteristics of crop fertilizer requirements. Therefore, in the fertilizer production, it is necessary to combine organic fertilizers with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium nutrients to increase the nutrient content of the fertilizer, and to make organic and inorganic compound fertilizer granular products.
The fertilizer granules made by the roller extrusion granulator have the characteristics of long fertilizer effect of organic fertilizer, improvement of soil and activation of inorganic nutrients in soil, and the characteristics of high nutrients and fast fertilizer effect of inorganic fertilizer. The advantages are complementary and make up for their respective defects. Achieve fertilizer speed and long-term integration.