What kind of turning machine for stacking fermentation in small organic fertilizer factories


Small organic fertilizer plants are suitable to use strip-stack fermentation organic fertilizer because there are few materials for each compost fermentation. Moreover, stacked fermentation organic fertilizer can save construction investment, and with organic fertilizer production equipment, manure and other raw materials can be made into high-value products.

In the process of organic fertilizer fermentation, material turning is the key. Windrow compost turning machine can be used to treat compost in strip-stack fermentation.

Process of strip stacking composting
The existing feces were mixed with straw, sawdust and mushroom residue in proper proportion, and then mixed with starter to ferment evenly. When using strip stacking fermentation as organic fertilizer, it should be noted that the stack should not be too small, too small will affect the fermentation. The height of the stack is between 1.5-2 meters, the width is 2-3 meters, and the length of the stack is more than 3 meters.

In the process of stacking fermentation of compost strip, attention should be paid to proper oxygen supply and dump. Windrow compost turning machine can realize mechanized mixing of materials, so that fermentation products can fully contact with air. The temperature of fermentation reactor was controlled at about 65℃, and too high temperature had an effect on nutrients. The water content of fermentation materials should be controlled at 60-65%. Too high or too low is not conducive to fermentation, too little water, slow fermentation; too much water will lead to poor ventilation, slow heating, and produce odor.

Windrow compost turning machine is a kind of walking material turning equipment, which is mainly used for turning over fermented materials such as manure, straw and wine residue. It is flexible in operation and easy to turn over. It is an important tool for turning over the composting system.
windrow compost turning machine

The whole fermentation process was completed in 10-15 days. The fermentation product was fluffy, dark brown, with a slight wine or soil flavor. The decomposed compost is fed into the organic fertilizer production equipment to make special organic fertilizer products, which are rich in nutrients. It is used in the soils of melons, fruits, vegetables, seedlings and flowers, and the value of crops increases several times.