Advantages of producing NPK compound fertilizer by roller press granulator


Roller press granulator is the main machinery of powder granulation. With the improvement of environmental protection demand and automation degree of production process, its importance is becoming increasingly prominent. The roller press granulator is used for powder fertilizer granulation in the NPK compound fertilizer production line, and can produce irregular particles of 1 to 3 mm.

The treatment process of NPK fertilizer production line mainly includes batching, mixing, granulating, drying, cooling, screening and packing. Granulating is the core technology of fertilizer production. Roller press granulator is widely used in compound fertilizer granulation. The process of compound fertilizer extrusion granulation is mature and the effect of compound fertilizer production is good. The feeder feeds the uniformly stirred material into the roller press granulator quantitatively, and the roller press granulator makes the powder fertilizer into flat spherical granules, which establishes the material properties of the fertilizer. The granular compound fertilizer is too wet. After drying and cooling system, the performance of the compound fertilizer is improved and it is easy to store. In order to facilitate production, Tianci factory specially designed a roller press granulator production line.
roller press granulator production line

There are many advantages to the production of NPK compound fertilizer by roller press granulator.
(1) Reduce dust pollution and improve working conditions (including production process and use process);

(2) Roller press granulator can meet the technological requirements of NPK compound fertilizer production line, such as increasing porosity and specific surface area, improving heat transfer, etc.

(3) The granulation of roller press granulator improves the physical properties of the product (such as the fluidity, permeability and stacking density of fertilizer), avoids the bad phenomena in the subsequent treatment (drying, screening, metering, packing) and use process (metering, batching, etc.) of compound fertilizer production. The roller press granulator has created conditions for improving the automation and airtight operation of production and use process.