Types of compound fertilizer well matched with vegetables


Fertilizers containing two or more of the three elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are compound fertilizers. There are "composts" that physically mix two or more of the three ingredients. Since the balance of the three factors involved varies with the composition ratio of the compound fertilizer, the type of fertilizer used can be reduced by selecting the appropriate compound fertilizer. Therefore, NPK fertilizer production line is used in industry to process special crop compound fertilizer, and the effect of targeted fertilizer is better.

1. Main fertilizer suitable for different vegetables

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium can affect the growth of the whole plant, in which nitrogen can promote the growth of leaves, phosphoric acid into fruits, and potassium can promote the growth of roots. Here are some vegetables that go well with every fertilizer.

1.1 Ammonium sulfate x spinach

Ammonium sulfate is a nitrogen fertilizer that is suitable for leafy vegetables with short harvest times, such as Komatsuna, spinach, parsley and cabbage. It is used as the main fertilizer, and it is quick acting and soluble in water, so it is also used as the top fertilizer.

1.2 Melt phosphate x tomato

The molten phosphate fertilizer can promote the growth of flowers and fruits, and has the characteristics of slow action. Therefore, it is compatible with vegetables and fruits with fruits (such as tomatoes, eggplants and peppers). When used, mix it into the culture soil before sowing or sowing.

1.3 Potassium sulfate x potato

Potassium sulphate is a fertilizer compatible with potatoes and sweet potatoes because it has the properties of helping stems and roots grow. It can be used as raw fertilizer and top grade fertilizer.

2. Choose the right crop compound fertilizer

There are many kinds of fertilizer. It is difficult for beginners to master the proper proportion and quantity. It is necessary for fertilizer factory to use fertilizer granulator to process different fertilizers. According to the characteristics of each fertilizer and the correct preparation of different fertilizers, the processing of NPK fertilizer granulating equipment such as rotary drum granulator can not only prevent the poor growth of crops, but also improve the quality and plant them into high-quality crops.