Low energy consumption organic fertilizer extrusion pelleting - flat die pellet mill


Flat die pellet mill is a kind of fertilizer granulator commonly used in organic fertilizer plant. Organic fertilizer usually needs to be granulated. This is because the compost after fermentation is mostly in the form of coarse powder or irregular small pieces, with certain moisture content and impurities, which is inconvenient to use, inconvenient to transport, and easy to cause dust pollution in the production and transportation process.

Raw materials for organic fertilizer production

The raw materials of organic fertilizer come from a wide range of sources: livestock manure, crop straw, rice husk, mushroom residue, furfural, distiller's grains, sugar residue, weathered coal, seaweed, sludge, biogas, peat, silkworm sand, etc. But most of the organic fertilizer plants use livestock manure and crop straw as the main raw materials. In the production of organic fertilizer granulation, the flat mold pellet mill has a good effect on straw granulation.

Working principle of flat die pellet mill

The main motor of the flat die pelleting machine transmits the power to the horizontal shaft through the reducer, and the power is transmitted to the vertical shaft through the bevel gear mesh, which drives the flat die or the press roll to rotate, so that the press roll and the ring die rotate relatively. The press roll of pelletizer can be used as power input, and it can rotate around the self axis, which is conducive to extruding the powder into the flat die. The cutter under the flat die rotates at a low speed to cut the cylindrical strip into the required particle length.
flat die pellet mill

Function of flat die pellet mill

The flat mold pelleting machine is beneficial to the granulation of crude fiber in the production of organic fertilizer, such as sawdust, rice husk, weeds, etc. Because the flat die pellet mill is granulated at room temperature, the drying and cooling system can also be omitted in the organic fertilizer production equipment, and the energy consumption of organic fertilizer production by this process is low. In the process of pelletizing, the pelletizer has a good effect on the preservation of various nutrients and microorganisms in the raw materials, so it can also be used for low-temperature pelletizing of biological bacterial fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, etc. Because the granules processed by the flat die pelleting machine are cylindrical, a ball shaping machine is also equipped in the flat die pellet organic fertilizer production line to grind irregular particles into a spherical shape for easy storage.