Which equipment is indispensable for making granular organic fertilizer


Equipment required for simple organic fertilizer production line

At present, many countries and regions produce organic fertilizer enterprises, are small-scale organic fertilizer processing plants, they produce and sell in a small range, with regional characteristics. This kind of small-scale organic fertilizer plant rarely selects high configuration organic fertilizer equipment, but selects simple production lines. When selecting simple organic fertilizer equipment, the following equipment is essential: wet material crusher, mixer, fertilizer granulator, drum screening machine, quantitative packaging scale. These five equipment are necessary, and they can form a simple organic fertilizer production line.

Equipment required for pellet organic fertilizer production line

The whole set of organic fertilizer production line for the production of granular organic fertilizer includes fermentation compost turner machine, wet material grinder, horizontal mixer, flat die pellet mill or new type organic fertilizer granulator, rotary dryer, rotary cooler, drum screening machine, ball shaping machine, coating machine, quantitative packaging scale and belt conveyor or bucket elevator for transporting materials between equipment. This kind of high configuration organic fertilizer production line, most of which are relatively large-scale and competitive organic fertilizer manufacturers.

Organic fertilizer raw materials with more advantages than common animal manure

Tea dregs, mushroom dregs, cassava dregs, silkworm sand, tobacco foam, and organic fertilizer produced after ripening contain various nutrients, which can promote crop yield. However, after the disposal of common manure, harmful bacteria may remain, which will affect the development of crops. This situation will continue to occur with the application of fertilizer. Green organic fertilizer material has no adverse effect on crops because it comes from agriculture. This is why the organic fertilizer equipment has become a hot topic in recent years, and the processed fertilizer has been widely used.
Our annual output of 20000 tons/year granular organic fertilizer is widely favored by fertilizer companies, and has been exported to many countries and invested in organic fertilizer processing projects locally. This set of equipment will process and process the collected pig manure, cow manure and chicken manure with high efficiency and labor saving!