Organic fertilizer granulation production equipment is a magic weapon for green aquaculture


Organic fertilizer production equipment is widely used in agricultural and forestry crops, and plays an important role in the market. The organic fertilizer production line continuously processes high-quality fertilizer products, drives the rapid economic development, drives the continuous progress of enterprises, and brings us a happy life.

The organic fertilizer production line is a professional equipment for the disposal of farm manure waste. It is an equipment for improving farm environmental pollution, changing air and soil pollution. There are many advantages in using the granulation equipment of organic fertilizer, which makes the farm users gain a lot. Even the most difficult to dispose of pig manure, through the treatment of compost turner machine, has become pig manure organic fertilizer, so that pig manure can also be turned into good things for sale. To invest in organic fertilizer production equipment is to invest successfully.
Organic fertilizer granulation production equipment

Organic fertilizer production equipment can not only bring convenience to agricultural production, but also promote economic development and improve people's quality of life. The equipment of the Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer has undergone market tests, whether the choice of machine-made materials is reasonable, whether the organic fertilizer produced meets people's needs, and whether the equipment realizes the functions people want, these are the development of organic fertilizer equipment Are important.

Organic fertilizer pelletizing production equipment can not only process fertilizer products, but also can be used for processing feed for breeding. Flat die pellet mill is a mainstream granulation machine used for feed granulation, sawdust granulation, organic fertilizer granulation, etc. The flat die extrusion pellet mill can be used as the core equipment for processing fertilizer granules in the organic fertilizer production line. It can also process the feed granules required by the farm when it is idle, with multiple functions. As long as the water content of the raw material formula is appropriate, there is generally no need for drying equipment. After the extruded granulated product is naturally cooled, it can be measured and packaged. The compressive strength of the granule is greater than 8 Newtons. The finished product rate of extruded pellets is fully in line with the agricultural industry standards.