Why can the high humidity fertilizer crusher not stick to the wall and block the material?


High moisture material crusher is a fertilizer manufacturing equipment specially designed by us for wet material processing. So why can this kind of machine not stick to the wall and block up the material? What raw materials does it apply to?

Structural features of high-humidity material crusher:

1. Bottomless screen, any wet material can be crushed without clogging.
2. The double-rotor hammer head carries out two-stage crushing, the unique two-way gap adjustment technology, the crushing ratio is large, and the discharge particle size does not exceed 3mm.
3. The operation is simple, using hydraulic and electric starter casing, only one person can easily switch.
4. Convenient maintenance, few wearing parts, small occupation area, wide application range, fixed and mobile operations.
high humidity organic fertilizer crusher

Application range of high humidity organic fertilizer crusher:

1. The solid manure with moisture content of 30% - 50% after fermentation is suitable for drum granulation fertilizer production process.
2. The residue of traditional Chinese medicine after the purification of traditional Chinese medicine.
3. Fresh seaweed from the sea in coastal cities.
4. Fruit husks, peels, pomace and other wastes left after production by fruit processing enterprises.
5. Mud cakes after dehydration in sewage treatment plants.
6. Centralized lubrication system, non-stop lubrication, convenient and quick, and the entire oil circuit is closed to prevent dust from entering and damaging the bearing.
7. Low noise, high energy saving and high efficiency. It runs smoothly, and increases the rotational inertia to overcome the movement resistance and saves more than 30% of electricity.