Why to buy modern organic fertilizer processing machine


The traditional artificial composting is not suitable for the development of modern agriculture. The simple composting method has a long time to treat livestock manure, a low content of organic fertilizer nutrients and a slow release. After years of development, modern organic fertilizer production machine has become the development trend of organic fertilizer production in the future.
fertilizer production machine

The modern organic fertilizer processing equipment has the following advantages in large-scale treatment of livestock and poultry manure:

1. The organic treatment time was shortened from 30-90 days to about 15 days.

2. It can deal with a large number of livestock manure every year, and realize the continuous production of organic fertilizer.

3. The scale of organic fertilizer production line can be designed according to the output of livestock and poultry manure, with large processing capacity.

4. The whole process of livestock manure treatment is controllable, and the processing process does not pollute the environment.

5. The treated organic fertilizer has high nutrient content and is convenient for transportation and use.

In the production and processing of organic fertilizer, most of the organic fertilizer products are just simple fermentation, such products can only reach the harmless standard. The fermentation process of high-quality organic compost still needs aging and standing. This is because in the early heating and high temperature stage of composting, plant pathogenic bacteria, insect eggs, weed seeds and other harmful microorganisms will be killed, but the main role of microorganisms in this process is metabolism, reproduction, and only a small amount of metabolites. These metabolites are unstable and not easily absorbed by plants.
In the later stage, microorganisms can only produce humus of organic matter, in which a large number of metabolites are produced, which are beneficial to plant growth and absorption. This process takes longer. Composting process can achieve three goals: first, harmless, second, humus, third, a large number of microbial metabolites, such as antibiotics, proteins, etc.

When designing a modern organic fertilizer treatment plant, there is a special composting and aging area, and the materials are fermented in batches to make the organic fertilizer ferment completely. The compost after fermentation is mixed with other nutrients and further processed by a disc granulator machine to obtain high-quality organic fertilizer. Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturer provides various fertilizer equipment such as flat die pellet mill, rotary drum granulator and organic fertilizer granulator to improve the quality of organic fertilizer products.