Which organic fertilizer equipment must be configured to produce granular organic fertilizer?


Which organic fertilizer equipment must be equipped to produce granular organic fertilizer? First, the organic fertilizer raw materials are fermented and then enter the organic fertilizer grinder to be pulverized into powder, and the powder enters the organic fertilizer mixer to add auxiliary materials for mixing, and then enter the drum granulation machine to make the granulated and manufactured granules enter the dryer to reduce the moisture of the granules to 10-20%, and then enter the cooler for cooling. After the cooling is completed, they enter the sieving machine for screening, and the unqualified products are screened out and conveyed by the return belt the machine re-enters the pulverizer to smash, and the sieved product can be directly packaged.

The production process of the granular organic fertilizer production line and the necessary organic fertilizer manufacturing equipmenthas the following equipment and functions:

1. Organic fertilizer fermentation turning and throwing machine

Function: to ferment and turn the materials in the fermentation process;

2. Organic fertilizer grinder

Function: crushing and powdering of high-humidity materials and other raw materials in the production process;

3. Organic fertilizer mixer

Function: Stir and mix a variety of raw materials;

4. Organic fertilizer granulator

Function: granulate the mixed materials; it is convenient for sorting and packaging;

5. Organic fertilizer dryer

Function: drying granular materials with humidity;

6. Organic fertilizer cooler

Function: Quickly cool the dried materials and increase production efficiency;

7. Organic fertilizer screening machine

Function: screening and grading the finished fertilizer;

8. Organic fertilizer coating machine

Function: Coating the outer coating of the made particles to effectively prevent the agglomeration of the fertilizer;

9. Automatic weighing and packaging machine

Automatic weighing and packaging machine

Function: Quantitative bagging and packaging of finished products