African customer visit Chinese fertilizer equipment


On the 24th, African Sudanese customers visited Zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Under the leadership of the company manager, the customer visited the workshop of organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer production line equipment of the company.
African customer visit fertilizer equipment
Our leader introduced the company's development process and product advantages for customers, and took customers to visit the factory and laboratory.

Granulation is the core of fertilizer production and our main equipment. The general manager operated a granulator in the workshop, demonstrated the whole production process of the granulator for the customer, and the customer carefully observed the operation of material granulation. For the organic fertilizer production equipment that customers want to invest, we recommend the organic fertilizer granulator. The wet granulator of organic fertilizer can realize the larger selection of materials. As long as all kinds of organics are effectively fermented, they can be produced by organic fertilizer processing technology. It not only saves a small amount of power input, realizes the effective reduction of cost, but also realizes the greater improvement of task efficiency, which is convenient, fast and satisfactory. We also provide pan granulator, which is suitable for a wider range of materials, and each of the two equipment has its own advantages.
African customer visit fertilizer equipment

Customers fully and intuitively understand the application advantages of organic fertilizer granulation, and more firm confidence in fertilizer equipment products and long-term cooperation with our company. The stable production capacity of our equipment has won the trust of customers, and the customer finally agreed with us for follow-up cooperation and took a group photo! Through this face-to-face communication and exchange, the two sides have deepened their understanding, enhanced their relationship, and benefited the expansion of Huaqiang's overseas market.
Tianci Company is a manufacturer with 20 years of professional production of complete sets of equipment for fertilizer granulator, compost turner machine, and fertilizer production lines. The fertilizer models from 1 to 20 tons per hour are complete to meet the needs of each customer. Welcome customers to come Detailed consultation.