Complete set of manure composting flat die pellet mill loading


Nowadays, bio organic fertilizer is widely used in agriculture. In fact, there are many disadvantages and disadvantages in the traditional way of simply stacking and drying the manure for use in the field. The high-efficient and safe organic fertilizer products are gradually popularized, which meet the needs of agricultural fertilizer. On March 14, we exported a complete set of organic fertilizer flat die pellet production equipment to Algeria, providing technical support for the fertilizer plant.
flat die pellet millorganic fertilizer equipment
organic fertilizer equipmentorganic fertilizer equipment

The necessity of organic fertilizer equipment for agriculture

It is necessary to process fertilizer with professional organic fertilizer equipment. The traditional method of composting with manure not only takes a long time, generally takes 4-6 months, but also takes a long time when the temperature is low, and the effect of composting fermentation is poor. Long term stacking not only occupies the site, but also pollutes the surrounding environment. Naturally fermented feces are rotten and stinky, which are difficult to transport and use directly. Natural retting fermentation can not remove pathogens, eggs and other harmful substances in feces.

With the progress of the times, the agricultural production is also undergoing profound reform. Modern agriculture requires more ecological and environmental protection, more production and income, and green health. Therefore, the traditional compost before can not be applied to the requirements of modern agriculture. Compost turner equipment pushes the green and healthy agriculture to a new high. Compost windrow turner speeds up the fermentation time of organic fertilizer, and the organic fertilizer granulator makes the rotten compost into granules, which improves the quality of compost.

Organic fertilizer flat die pellet mill

We export this set of organic fertilizer equipment, with the flat die pellet mill as the core processing raw material. The pelletizer has the advantages of high pelletizing rate, no return material, high particle strength, uniform roundness, low pelletizing water content and less drying energy consumption. In the working principle of the flat  die pellet mill, the material is extruded to the bottom by the grinding wheel, then cut by the knife, and then enters the secondary combined polishing and rolling to form a ball.

Advantages of organic fertilizer granulator equipment

1. Compost can reach a high temperature of 60-70 ℃ in 2-3 days through aerobic fermentation, which can kill harmful bacteria, pests and eggs.

2. The decomposition of organic fertilizer is complete, and the content of amino acid, vitamin, bacteriocin and other components is high, which can significantly improve the soil nitrogen, available phosphorus and available potassium, and the quality of fertilizer is better.

3. Effectively improve soil aggregate structure and alleviate soil hardening. Increase the capacity of soil water and fertilizer conservation and reduce the loss of fertility.

4. After fertilization, it can inhibit the occurrence of many kinds of diseases and insect pests in the soil and prevent the root from burning.

5. Green environmental protection, organic fertilizer fermented by e.g. aureus has no toxic side effects, and is safe for soil and crops after application.