Big-angle incline conveyor smoothly sent to Malaysia


After the hard work of our factory workers, a big-angle incline conveyor has been manufactured. After the trial operation, there is no problem. The machine was successfully loaded in the factory and sent to Malaysia.
big-angle incline conveyor to Malaysiabig-angle incline conveyor to Malaysia

Big-angle incline conveyor brings more profits for the production of enterprises, and it is also an important auxiliary equipment in fertilizer production machine. Before the appearance of conveying equipment, the traditional transportation was basically carried out by hand. Not only delivery is slow and labor is needed, but also the accuracy of its processing is not necessarily standardized, which also leads to the huge labor cost of the company. With the advent of all kinds of conveying equipment, especially the emergence of automatic logistics transmission line in recent years, only a few or even one person can be responsible for the operation of the whole processing system.

In the production of fertilizers, a variety of raw materials are sent to disc granulator machine by conveyors to make granules, and the processed particles are then sent to other links by conveyors, realizing fluidized processing, high efficiency and low cost.

Composition of big-angle incline conveyor

The general large inclination belt conveyor is composed of conveyor belt, roller, drive, brake, loading, unloading, cleaning and other equipment. Conveyor belt: Rubber belt and plastic belt are usually used. The conveyor belt is suitable for working environment temperature of -15 ~ 40 ℃. Roller: idler with groove, flat idler, self-aligning roller, buffer roller. Slotted idler wheels (consisting of 2 to 5 rollers) support the bearing branches and are used to transport loose materials. The self-aligning roller is used to adjust the lateral position of the belt to avoid deviation, and the buffer roller is installed at the receiving position to reduce the influence of the material on the belt. Roller: Drive roller and reverse roller. The driving roller is the main component to transmit power. Installation: The split screw is tightened, the counterweight is tightened, and the hydraulic tension is used. Its function is to make the conveyor belt reach the necessary tension, so as not to slide on the driving roller, and ensure that the deflection range of the conveyor belt is between the rollers.
big-angle incline conveyor to Malaysiabig-angle incline conveyor to Malaysia

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