Complete fertilizer production machine exported to Jordan


Through the careful production and manufacture of the workers of Tianci fertilizer factory, the complete set of fertilizer production machines we exported to Jordan have been prepared and loaded and sent to the port.
Complete fertilizer production machine exported JordanComplete fertilizer production machine exported Jordan

Main processing steps of this fertilizer production machine

1. First of all, directly transport the processed raw materials: NPK inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, etc. into the batching system to mix in proportion.

2. The raw materials are transported to the feeder and added to the rotating disc of the disc granulator machine on average. Dispense a proper amount of water or liquid ingredients on the tray. The rotation of the disc pelletizer makes the material and the disc friction, and the raw material produces a circular motion. Due to the mass, gravity and centrifugal force of the particles, the action of the material is different. The particles gradually reunite into a ball, and the friction between the materials is different. When gravity and centrifugal action will be thrown out of the disk to increase the friction between the particles, the smaller particles remain in the disk to agglomerate the particles one after another.

3. The particles are delivered to the drum dryer to obtain heat from the heat exchange between the furnace and the heat.

4. After the fertilizer is cooled, it is delivered to the screening machine to screen out qualified particles.

5. The unqualified particles need to be crushed again, and the crushed particles will be returned to the fertilizer production line.

6. The final qualified products are screened and delivered to the coating machine for coating process.

7. The scale is transported to automatic packaging, packaging and warehousing.

8. After drying, through the cyclone, labyrinth dust collection chamber in the workshop cooling and dust, vacuuming three of the standard wet washing process.
Complete fertilizer production machine exported JordanComplete fertilizer production machine exported Jordan

The complete set of fertilizer production machines include crusher, automatic batching system, screening machine, mixer, fertilizer granulator, drum dryer, cooler, screening machine, coating machine, packaging machine, conveyor and other equipment. Fertilizer granulation is the core process of fertilizer production. Users can choose different granulation equipment according to the raw materials, such as roller granulator, rotary drum granulator, flat die pellet mill and organic fertilizer granulator.