powder packing machine
  • powder packing machine
  • powder packing machine
  • powder packing machine

Powder Packing Machine

Material Powdered dry powder Ultra dry powder Weighing Range(kg) 20~50kg ...
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1. It has the intelligent control instrument, high measurement accuracy, stable performance, digital display, Chinese operation interface, and the operation is more simple and quick. Also has the functions of automatic setting of control parameters, automatic correction of drop, over-alarm and self-diagnosis of faults.
2. It uses the non-metering barrel structure, and has the low overall height, small footprint.
3. The spiral twister feed is adopted to adapt to the flow speed of various materials. The packaging speed is fast and the precision is high to prevent the material blocking during feeding. With high-precision sensors, imported pneumatic actuators, high reliability and easy maintenance.
4. The shell adopts advanced spray molding process, and the parts in contact with the material are smooth, wear-resistant, and it has good fluidity, high sanitary standards, corrosion resistance, and long equipment life.
5. Optional and pare-reserve dust removal system for system recovery of dust material.
Material Powdered dry powderUltra dry powder
Weighing Range(kg) 20~50kg
Weighing Speed(bag/h) ≥180
Dividing value(g) 20
Level of accuracy 0.2
Power Supply Three-phase four-wire: AC 380V220V 50Hz (User self-sufficiency) 50Hz (User self-sufficiency)
Power Consumption RV75 1.5kw RV50 0.75KWRV50 0.55KW
Gas Source It is recommended to select an air compressor with a displacement of 0.12 m3/min or more.
Gas Consumption 0.4~0.6Mpa 1m3/h
Working Environment 0~+40℃relative humidity≤90%
Sensor ILGC-200KG-BA (KeLi Electric)
Computer Control Instrument Intelligent computer controllerYH3D YHD8
Pneumatic Components Yadeke, Taiwan
Dust Removal Reserve dust outlet
Manufacturing Materials Contact with the material is made of carbon steel, good fluidity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to clean.
Feeding Method Screw twister feed
Installation size(mm) 2280(height)×1360(depth)×750(width)
Installation Method The scale body is directly docked to the storage bin and does not need to be added as an auxiliary steel frame. Occupied floor space is small and easy to install.
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