Algeria complete equipment of npk fertilizer manufacturing process


Algeria complete equipment of npk fertilizer manufacturing process:
Flow of the npk fertilizer manufacturing process: Ingredient of raw materials → mixing and mixing → crushing agglomerate → granulation → primary screening → drying of granule → cooling of granule → secondary screening → coating of finished granule → quantitative packaging of finished product.
1. Ingredients of raw materials: the raw materials shall be provided in a certain proportion;
2. Mixing and stirring: the prepared raw materials are evenly mixed to improve the uniform fertilizer effect content of the whole fertilizer particles. Horizontal mixer or disk mixer is used for mixing and stirring;
3. Caking crushing: The raw materials which are evenly mixed and stirred are crushed into chunks to facilitate subsequent granulation processing. Chain crusher is mainly used;
4. Material granulation: The evenly stirred and crushed materials are sent to the granulation machine through the belt conveyor for granulation (rotating drum granulation machine can be used, or roller extrusion granulation machine, disc granulation machine, etc.). This step is an essential and important link in the production process of compound fertilizer;The fertilizer granulator used in the compound fertilizer production process is a drum granulation.
5.- Stage screening: preliminary screening of semi-finished products, unqualified particles are returned to the mixing and stirring link for reprocessing, generally using the roller screening machine;
6. Granule drying: The granule made by granule and screened by -stage is sent to the dryer, and the moisture content of the granule is dried to increase the strength of the granule and facilitate its preservation. Generally, the rotary dryer is used;
7. Particle cooling: After drying, the temperature of fertilizer particles is too high and they are easy to agglomerate. After cooling, they are easy to be bagged, preserved and transported.
8. Two-stage particle grading: the cooled particles are graded, the unqualified particles are crushed and re-granulated, and the qualified products are screened out, which can be screened by two-stage roller screening machine;We are a fertilizer equipment manufacturer, we have more than 20 years of production and sales experience.Our fertilizer manufacturing equipment is the best, the fastest delivery, is also the cheapest.
9. Finished particle envelop: coated qualified products to increase the brightness and roundness of particles and make the appearance more beautiful. Envelop machine is generally used for envelop.
10. Quantitative packaging of finished product particles: The coated particles are sent to the silo for temporary storage through the belt conveyor, and then connected with electronic quantitative packaging scale, sewing machine and other automatic quantitative packaging bag sealing, and placed in the ventilation place for preservation, achieving full automation.
The ten links of the compound fertilizer production process are mainly connected through the belt conveyor, which ensures the automatic and stable operation of the whole compound fertilizer production line. Equipments required for biofertilizer production can be arranged according to the customer's time and business fertilizer equipment.