Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line equipment delivery site


The Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line is mainly composed of fermentation system, dry system, deodorization and dust removal system, crushing system, batching system, mixing system, granulation system, cooling and drying system, screening system and product packaging system. We have all the fertilizer manufacturing equipment, we are more than 20 years old factory, professional focus.
Process flow of zhengzhou Tianci Heavy Industry Machinery chicken manure organic fertilizer production line: semi-wet material grinder → horizontal mixer → granulator → dryer → cooling machine → sieving machine → packaging machine and other related equipment, materials are transferred between the equipment by belt machine or screw conveyor.
Chicken manure organic fertilizer production line equipment delivery site
Introduction of chicken manure organic fertilizer production line equipment:
1, chicken manure granulator including: disc granulator easy to operate: drum granulation flexible regulation, easy to control.High economic benefit and low production cost.The rounder can make the granule size even, roundness accurate, the surface bright and smooth, the granule strength is big, the pellet-forming rate of the fertilizer is up to 98%, the pellet-forming rate is low, so it can reduce the energy consumption and increase the yield.Flat mold granulator is suitable for low bonding rate, difficult to form the material granulator, is the ideal equipment for the production of granule feed, but also applicable to biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer and other low-temperature granulator.
2. The horizontal mixer can fully mix the materials.Thus, the mixing uniformity is improved.Suitable for blending with raw materials.
3, semi-wet material crusher namely biological organic fertilizer crusher is a new high efficiency single rotor reversible crusher, the material moisture content adaptability;In particular, it can be used to make powder for fermented decayed garbage or other materials whose moisture content is less than 30%.The size of powder can reach 20~30 mesh.It can meet the requirement of feed grain size of general fertilizer making and granulating equipment.Suitable for crushing straw, residue, organic matter and other materials.
4. After drying, the material is evenly dispersed in the dryer and fully in contact with the hot air, and the plate reader distributed in the drum is flipped, which accelerates the heat transfer and mass transfer in drying.During the drying process, the material is discharged from the other section of the dryer through the star-shaped discharge valve under the action of the plate with inclination and the hot gas.
The equipments required for biofertilizer production is similar to this chicken manure organic fertilizer production line.