15t/h NPK Fertilizer Manufacturing Process with Double Coolers and A Dryer


NPK fertilizer equipment is used to produce NPK fertilizer, NPK fertilizer special equipment, also known as NPK fertilizer equipment, NPK fertilizer production line, NPK fertilizer production equipment. NPK fertilizer equipment is a professional fertilizer manufacturing equipment, can be applied to a variety of NPK fertilizer production, including: biological fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, organic fertilizer, magnetic fertilizer and other compound fertilizers.

Social benefits of 15t/h NPK Fertilizer Manufacturing Process with Double Coolers and A Dryer:
How to make full use of the resources of organic waste is an important issue for building a resource-saving society, promoting circular economy and developing organic agriculture.Chemical fertilizer is consumable, and the production of chemical fertilizer needs to consume a large amount of non-renewable resources such as coal, electricity and natural gas. The development of this project uses solid organic waste to produce spherical granular organic fertilizer, achieving the purpose of saving non-renewable resources and protecting the environment. The social benefits are huge, and it conforms to the industrial policies of energy conservation and emission reduction of various countries.
Increase organic fertilizer applying the content, can effectively solve the livestock and poultry breeding industry such as organic wastes pollution to the environment, reduce the nitrate content of groundwater by chemical fertilizer, reduce non-point source pollution caused by eutrophication of surface waters, is conducive to improve the quality of agricultural products safety, prevention and control pollution, ecological environment is extremely remarkable benefit.

The main production process of the 15t/h NPK Fertilizer Manufacturing Process with Double Coolers and A Dryer can be divided into: raw material mix, raw material stirring, raw material granulation, granule drying, granule grading, granule cooling, finished product envelop and final finished product packaging.This compound fertilizer production process of the fertilizer granulator is a drum granulation.