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Screw Conveyor

This machine is mainly used for automatic quantitative packaging of powder materials, such as, flour, starch, feed, food, chemical industry, light industry, building materials industries.
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Screw conveyor is our company design and development of products, which combined a variety of the experience of screw conveyor at home and abroad, this product can meet all kinds of materials conveying, and match all kinds of mixing machines.

 This product not only applies to the chemical fertilizer industry raw material conveying, and also used for construction machinery industry to transport cement, lime, fly ash, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, light industry, building materials, food and grain storage industry, etc. The conveyor can convey loose power or small granule material, such as coal, ore sintering power, urea, compound fertilizer, dry sand, flour and corn, etc. 

Screw conveyor mainly constituted by screw, machine groove, hanger, feeding and discharging mouth and transmission device, etc, which convey the power form and small pieces material.
The machine groove adopts the steel pipe conveying tube, which is high hardness, good sealing, no leakage, and improved the working environment.
Transmission used the motor straight league type cycloidal pin gear reducer, which has the feature of big power, low noise, compact structure and reliable transmission.
The screw conveyor can be installed in horizontal of inclined, and cover a small area, easy to use.

Screw conveyor belongs to the basic pattern, which is by the gear motor device, shell pipe screw bearing connect, combined into a complete set of equipment, move and dismounting is very convenient.
Screw bearing and shaft end adopt spline to connect, this is convenient to dismounting, large carrying capacity, good docking, safe and reliable, good sealing performance. The shell is made of by seamless steel tube, each end through the flange to connect. The machine no dust, neither waste material, again create a good working environment and meet the environmental protection requirement. The  feature is small volume, high speed, varying pitch, which ensure rapid delivery uniformity.
The feed port can be adjusted the needed angle according to the job site situation, and adopt flange joint, bag connection and universal joint type flange connection, the users can choose according to the need.
Model Screw Diameter Rotation Speed Capacity
LS160 160 112 3.2-
90 7.8-2.6
71 6.2-2.1
56﹡﹡ 4.9-1.6
LS200 200 100 16.9-5.6
80 13.5-4.5
63 10.7-3.6
50﹡﹡ 8.5-2.8
LS250 250 90 29.9-9.9
71 23.5-7.8
56﹡﹡ 18.5-6.2
45﹡﹡ 14.9-5.0
LS315 315 80 52.9-17.6
63 41.6-13.9
50﹡﹡ 33.1-11.0
40﹡﹡ 26.4-8.8
LS400 400 71 85.3-28.2
56 67.3-22.4
45﹡﹡ 54.1-18
36﹡﹡ 43.2-14.4

Note:1.The standard volume throughput is related to material filling coefficient.
          2.We recommend to use this conveyor for conveying mixed fertilizer, in order to guarantee the economy of conveying.
         3.The distance of conveyor is within 20 to30 meters.
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