Characteristics of large granule urea and fertilizer granulation


Urea is a kind of main fertilizer commonly used in agricultural production, which plays an important role. However, due to its side effects, the effect of further granulation by fertilizer production machine is better.

Characteristics of large granule urea

1. Base fertilizer. Because the dissolution rate of large granule urea is relatively slow, it is suitable for base fertilizer, not suitable for top dressing and flushing fertilization.

2. Top dressing and flushing fertilization. Small granule urea is suitable for topdressing because of its larger surface area and faster dissolution rate. Strip or hole application is recommended when using, and it is recommended to use it before and after light rain or as flushing fertilization.
urea fertilizerurea fertilizer

3. Water pollution. Livestock and poultry feces are highly leachable, and the protein, fatty acid and other putrefying organic matters in the feces are easily dissolved in water, which worsens the water source environment. Once the putrefaction organic matter enters the water body, it will release nitrogen, phosphorus and other substances, and cause water quality eutrophication; if it seeps into the ground, it will make the pathogenic bacteria of groundwater exceed the standard, and create conditions for the outbreak of livestock and poultry epidemic.

According to the characteristics of urea fertilizer, we suggest that the fertilizer plant should use urea as raw material and further process it with rotary drum granulator to provide fertilizer efficiency and reduce harm at the same time.