Characteristics and technology of small organic fertilizer production line


Production characteristics of small organic fertilizer production line:

Organic fertilizer production line is to produce organic fertilizer with fresh pig manure and chicken manure as raw materials. Organic fertilizer products do not contain any chemical components. Animal feces are used as raw materials for production, but pigs and chickens have poor digestion capacity, which can only consume 25% of the nutrients, while the other 75% of the nutrients in feed are discharged with feces, so that the finished fertilizer contains phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium, organic matter, protein, amino acid and other components.

Configuration of small organic fertilizer production line:

Small organic fertilizer production line can also produce organic fertilizer, and the equipment used includes crusher, mixer, granulator, screening machine, belt conveyor and disc granulator machine.
technology of small organic fertilizer production line

Process of small organic fertilizer production line:

A small-scale organic fertilizer production line needs to build a fermentation tank, one machine with multiple tanks, and then the raw material manure, biogas residue, and straw are piled in the fermentation tank, and the biological organic fertilizer equipment processes the fermentation raw materials. Fermentation bacteria are blended in the raw material pile, and 1 kg of composting agent can ferment 1 ton of raw materials. According to the comparison of raw materials, the fermentation cycle is 10-15 days at room temperature, and it can be completely decomposed by turning over once every 2 days.

After being decomposed, it is crushed by an organic fertilizer pulverizer, screened through a drum screen, and then fermented. The fine material can be granulated (roller granulator, organic fertilizer granulator and other granulating equipment can be used). The appearance of the particles is more beautiful and the granulation rate is higher. After fermentation, the moisture content of the material after fermentation is 35% mixed by the mixer, granulation is carried out, and then it is dried by the dryer, cooled by the cooler, screened by the screening machine, and the unqualified products are returned to the mixer, and the qualified products can pass through the bin and packaging machine after passing through the coating machine.