Precautions for site selection of organic fertilizer plant


1. Topography

The organic fertilizer plant should be built in a high, flat and well drained place, which should be at least above the local historical flood line. The groundwater level should not be too high to ensure the smooth construction of individual civil engineering. In order to ensure safe and orderly production, attention should be paid to avoid landslides near mountainous areas. The site area can be determined according to the management mode, the output requirements of organic fertilizer production line, and the plant layout (including raw material stacking site, fermentation workshop, production workshop and finished product workshop). Plant design requires compact and reasonable layout.
organic fertilizer production line

2. Water source and power supply

As a fertilizer plant that can operate normally, water and power supply must be able to supply normally. Sufficient and regular water supply is required for water conditioning in fermentation workshop and granulation by disc granulator machine in processing workshop (timely application of different fertilizer production processes, such as roller granulator still needs a large amount of water supply). In winter, some enterprises need to ensure water supply to prevent the equipment from freezing, resulting in the production of organic fertilizer mixer due to no water mixing. In order to meet the production and processing requirements, the organic fertilizer production line equipment and some single equipment also need stable power supply, and the corresponding transformer can be configured according to the total installed capacity.

3. Public Relations

Public relations refer to the connection between the fertilizer factory and the surrounding society. Such as contact with residential areas, transportation and power supply, etc. Therefore, the site selection of the fertilizer plant must meet the social public health standards, so that the fertilizer plant will not become a source of pollution to the surrounding environment, and at the same time, it will not be polluted by the surrounding environment. In addition, taking into account the noise pollution of organic fertilizer processing equipment, comprehensively considered, the fertilizer plant should be 2,000 meters away from the residential area in the downwind direction. At the same time, considering the sales and processing of fertilizer, the fertilizer factory should be built not far from the urban area and the suburbs of cities and towns with convenient transportation.