How to choose high performance compound fertilizer equipment?


The key to the high balling rate of compound fertilizer equipment lies in its performance, so how to choose high-performance compound fertilizer equipment? Here are five points to share with you:

1) The quality must be selected. When purchasing equipment, choose a compound fertilizer production line manufacturer with well-equipped, complete testing methods and reliable product quality, and the purchase should be guided by technical personnel with practical experience.

2) The equipment needs to be checked during installation of NPK fertilizer manufacturing process.

3) Choose a model with good performance. There are many varieties of compound fertilizer equipment, and the performance of each equipment has its own expertise. There are obviously limitations to purchasing a complete set of equipment from a single manufacturer. Only by learning from all the advantages and integrating the advantages of each company on a compound fertilizer production line can the effect be achieved. A good compound fertilizer production line technology must be reflected by a good one.

4) The layout of the fertilizer manufacturing equipment should be reasonable. The equipment layout must be designed by a professional design department with experience in compound fertilizer production lines.

5) The management and maintenance personnel of compound fertilizer equipment must have professional standards, and they must be responsible for the equipment, carefully care for the equipment, and ensure the integrity of the equipment.

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