Cause of clogging of dry extrusion granulator in fertilizer processing


The fertilizer is extruded and granulated by the dry roller extrusion granulator. Machine jamming is a common fault in the production of fertilizer granulation. When the machine is jammed, a layer of hard and thick material accumulates between the mold rolls. The pressing roller cannot squeeze the material out, and the dry-rolling granulator cannot move. Blocking the machine not only affects the production speed of the entire NPK fertilizer production line, but also affects the life of the granulation equipment. The main factors causing traffic jams are the following:

1. Influence of die roll gap
The gap between the die rollers is too large, which makes the material layer between the die rollers too thick and unevenly distributed, and the press roller is easy to slip. Once the extrusion pressure of the die roller to the material is less than the resistance of the inner wall of the die hole to the material, the material can not be squeezed out, which will cause the blocking of the machine. In order to reduce the blocking machine, it is necessary to adjust the die roll gap in production. When adjusting, it is better to make the pressing roll and the ring die seem to rely on each other rather than turn to each other.
double roller press granulator
2. Effect of moisture content
The ideal production conditions in the process of particle production are: proper water content of raw materials, excellent steam quality and sufficient tempering time. The correct use of dry saturated steam granulation can effectively improve the output of double roller press granulator and the quality of granular material.

3. The effect of conditioning
In order to meet the competitive demand of the market, it is necessary to ensure the high quality of particles. Before granulation, the effect of material conditioning is very important, because it directly affects the output and quality of dry granulator.

Under normal circumstances, before using the fertilizer granulator, check the lubrication pressure roll, check whether the raw material of crude fiber in the fertilizer formula is too high or other components that are not conducive to granulation are too high, adjust the formula or match the appropriate pore diameter. The blocking problem of dry granulator is easy to occur in production. Due to the high moisture content of the material, this phenomenon mostly occurs when the machine is started for the first time. When the machine is started, the problem of water drainage is encountered. Dry granulator shall be carried out first, and the mould shall be preheated. The drum of dry granulator is worn too much or does not rotate; the mechanical faults such as die roll gap, host bearing capacity and feed uniformity cause abnormal discharge.