How to determine the granulation scheme of NPK compound fertilizer


In the process of compound fertilizer processing, different NPK fertilizers are made into particles to improve the performance of fertilizer. Different granulation equipment provides different granulation methods, but these granulation methods are not suitable for all materials. The granulation method of NPK fertilizer production line should follow certain principles. First of all, the characteristics of the fertilizer and the target of the desired product should be defined, and then the appropriate granulator should be selected.

Main factors for selecting fertilizer granulator:

1. Raw material factor. According to the characteristics of different raw materials, different granulation methods should be selected.
2. Product requirements. Different granulating methods and granulators have different particle sizes.
3. Drying method. Many wet granulating particles need to be dried.
4. Other factors. Different pelletizing methods have different processing capacity and different space occupied by fertilizer granulator.
fertilizer granulator
There are many characteristics of granulates. In the production process, the properties that can be measured by a simple method after granulation are as follows.
1. Particle shape. The common ones are ball, rod, column, block, etc.
2. Average particle size and particle size distribution. The particle size reflects the particle size, and the particle size distribution reflects the uniformity of particle size.
3. The density of particles or powder bulk density, particle density or powder bulk density reflect the weight or density of particles. According to different requirements for particles, different particles can be prepared.
4. Fluidity and filling. The fluidity is the guarantee for the smooth operation of the powder. The parameters reflecting the fluidity of the powder include angle of repose, outflow speed, compression angle, etc.
5. Specific quality. All the above mentioned are general quality evaluation indexes of particles, while products of different industries have specific internal quality evaluation system.

NPK compound fertilizer, we provide a variety of granulators for selection. Agglomerate granulation, such as disc pan granulator, rotary drum granulator. Extrusion granulation, such as double roller press granulator.