Design of complete pelletizing equipment for formula fertilizer


The complete set of dry granulation equipment for formula fertilizer integrates the pulverizer and granulator into a compact production line, and the innovative control system provides users with all reliable information. The roller granulator uses dry extrusion granulation, which is simple in process and small in floor area.

The complete set of dry granulation equipment for formula fertilizer has become an ideal choice for some demanding and reduced field applications. The advanced control mechanism ensures the safe and reliable operation of the organic fertilizer production line even in the harsh environment.

1. Solid and durable structure: it is specially designed for dealing with severe size reduction applications. Fertilizer granulator provides many options to meet your waste recycling needs.
roller granulator fertilizer production line
2. Convenient operation: the built-in intuitive control and safety enhancement mechanism of the complete equipment for dry granulation of formula fertilizer is designed for users, which makes programming and operating system simple.

3. Innovative technology: from remote diagnosis to advanced control function, the complete set of dry granulation equipment for formula fertilizer is designed to provide years of reliable operation in a challenging environment.

Based on years of production experience, our company has made the organic fertilizer equipment more in line with the law of market development. Through the disc granulator machine, roller granulator and other equipment, we granulate the formulated fertilizer, and push the equipment out of the market, so as to gain the trust of more users. Therefore, today's equipment in the market, whether in the overall design of machinery, or in the specific application, are more meticulous and more humanized. In fact, it is not too difficult to produce the equipment that is popular in the market and the sales volume is rising in a straight line. Users mainly consider the quality and technology when purchasing organic fertilizer equipment. Therefore, enterprises should also focus on the key points. In the early stage of development, follow up and return visit customers, truly enter the production workshop, understand the working process of organic fertilizer equipment more intuitively, and find out the disadvantages from it. After having a clear understanding of the advantages and disadvantages, take this as the goal of progress, and make every effort to make up for each defect, and effectively improve the practicability of organic fertilizer equipment.