Main reasons affecting the production efficiency of granulator


Granulator is used in pharmaceutical, food, powder, chemical industry, solid beverage and other industries. It can make the stirred materials into the required particles, especially for the materials with high viscosity. At present, due to the problems of process arrangement and operation technology of fertilizer granulator in many raw material factories, the output can not meet the expected design requirements, and the particle surface is not smooth, the hardness is low, it is easy to break, and the powder content is high.

The main reasons affecting the production efficiency of pelletizer

In the process of pelletizing, there are many main reasons that affect the production efficiency of pelletizer, one of which is the influence of raw materials. The effect of granulation is directly affected by raw material factors. The materials with high starch content are easy to be gelatinized by steam. After being tempered, these raw materials have certain viscosity, which is conducive to particle forming.

From the perspective of granulation, raw materials are crushed finely and granulation strength is high. However, if there is too much steam in the rotary drum granulator, it is easy to block the granulator, and the raw material is crushed too fine, resulting in high power consumption of crushing. It is difficult to pelletize, especially to form a small-diameter ring die, because the particles are too coarse, which increases the pressure roll wear of the extrusion granulator, and causes poor gelatinization effect of materials, resulting in high material consumption, low output and high powder content of particles.
fertilizer granulator machine

Granulator use requirements

Maintenance of NPK fertilizer production line equipment is critical to its performance. Choosing the right maintenance practices for your plant is an important way to protect your plant's interests. The use safety of granulator equipment should include the guarantee of installation and use, and the safety guarantee of maintenance, maintenance, inspection and management.
After the fertilizer granulator is installed, the safety status and performance of the fertilizer granulator should be checked item by item to meet the safety requirements. The safety items inspected include static and dynamic aspects. Static inspection items are carried out under conditions that the fertilizer granulator is not running, such as the surface safety of the fertilizer granulator, the safety protection distance, etc .; such as the safety performance of the control system and the safety of moving parts. Protective performance, working performance and reliability of safety protection devices, production of dust poison, flammability, etc. in the operation of fertilizer granulators.