Difference between manufacturing equipment of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer


The internal quality of organic fertilizer mainly depends on raw material fermentation and product formula. The key factors affecting the fermentation of organic fertilizer production process are: microorganism, carbon nitrogen ratio, carbon phosphorus ratio, water content, pH value, aeration control. If one factor is not properly controlled, the whole fermentation will be affected, resulting in incomplete fermentation of materials or long fermentation time. If the material fermentation is well formulated, the effect is better than inorganic fertilizer, and the cost is also low. It can also improve the living environment of plants and become green fertilizer. The formula of organic-inorganic compound fertilizer is the same as that of inorganic fertilizer, and there are also differences in different soil and crop formulas. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process is different from that of compound fertilizer, and the equipment used by them is also different.

Difference between compound fertilizer production process and organic fertilizer manufacturing process
The equipment required for the organic fertilizer manufacturing process is mainly divided into two parts, fermentation part and production granulation part. NPK fertilizer production line is mainly granulation processing. The granulation part of organic fertilizer is also different from that of inorganic fertilizer. Because organic raw materials are different from inorganic raw materials, the production of inorganic raw materials can be mainly based on the formula of raw materials, which is mainly chemical reaction. If the formula is proper, the operation is skilled, the pelletizing rate is very high, and the production is relatively easy. Even if the fermentation of organic fertilizer raw materials is relatively good, the pelletizing is relatively difficult, because the characteristics of organic raw materials are light, rough, low adhesion rate, and various organic materials. Raw materials have different characteristics, so when selecting fertilizer granulator machine, special care should be taken, otherwise, not only the output will be affected, but also the appearance of the product is not beautiful.
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When selecting the equipment of organic fertilizer manufacturing process, we should pay attention to the following points: output of organic fertilizer production, organic raw materials, fermentation mode, fertilizer granulator machine, mechanization degree of organic fertilizer equipment. These are key factors in purchasing equipment. In short, organic fertilizer production is a relatively complex process, but the risk is relatively small, which can bring rich profits to the enterprise.