Market prospect and growth trend of bio organic fertilizer


In recent two years, the global bio organic fertilizer market has grown, which is mainly due to the increasing demand for organic food in the new era, the increasing awareness of producers of organic fertilizer, the enhancement of people's environmental protection concept, and the utilization of a large number of cheap organic waste. At the same time, the fertilizer manufacturing technology of fertilizer machine manufacturers is constantly improving, and vigorously promoting bio-organic fertilizer is an inevitable way to achieve sustainable development of the agricultural section in the future.

Bio organic fertilizer has many advantages:
1. Complete nutrition elements
2. Be able to improve soil, improve product quality
3. It can improve the rhizosphere microbiota of crops and improve the disease and insect resistance of plants
4. Promote the utilization of chemical fertilizer, improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer.

1. Raw material composting and fermentation equipment. The tank type turner can deal with fermentation waste, realize the new design of one machine with multiple tanks, and effectively save space and equipment investment funds.
2. Semi wet material crusher. The crusher is suitable for crushing high humidity materials. It is not easy to block the crusher due to the characteristics of high moisture content of materials after fermentation.
3. Fully automatic multi silo batching system.
4. Mixer machine. Including vertical mixer, horizontal mixer, double shaft mixer, etc. The internal mixing structure is divided into knife type and screw type.
5. Fertilizer granulator.
6. Drying and cooling system.
8. Packing machine.

The bio-organic fertilizer production line has a relatively high technical content, and it is necessary to add a microorganism having a specific function in the product to enhance the effect of the product. In recent years, organic agricultural products have been favored by people, and bio-organic fertilizers have been widely used. This is the main direction for the future development of bio-organic fertilizers. With the expansion of the production scale of green organic agricultural products and the improvement of people's consumption levels, the production and application of bio-organic fertilizers must be the mainstream.