Do you know how to operate and use fertilizer machine


Do you know how to use and operate the organic fertilizer production machine? At present, there are many commodities in the market, and the existence of organic fertilizer production equipment can be seen in every industry. Organic fertilizer products are also common, but there are many people who are unfamiliar with the operation and use of organic fertilizer production equipment. Therefore, let the professional organic fertilizer equipment business, give you a brief introduction to the use and operation of organic fertilizer production equipment, in order to facilitate people in production can be very convenient use and operation.
operate and use organic fertilizer production machine

In today's market, people all know that the organic fertilizer machine is fully automatic equipment, just like the size of beer bottle and easy to pull bottle cap are the same, so the requirements of organic fertilizer processing process are more strict. When we start the rotary drum granulator, we must follow the strict operation process. First of all, we are watching whether there are abnormal phenomena when it is running, and start the machine after judging it correctly. What's more, when we debug the disc granulator machine, we should use appropriate tools, and do not use too large tools, and do not use too much force when removing parts, so as to avoid damage to parts. After debugging the organic fertilizer equipment, the loose parts should be tightened, and then the machine can be started to work after checking whether the machine meets the requirements of operation. After using the organic fertilizer production machine, we should clean it every day to prevent the machine from being damaged.

Organic fertilizer equipment in use is not only rely on the formal operation process, because even if you have a regular operation process, it will also cause damage to the machine, so we should check and repair the machine on time, so as to avoid unnecessary failure when it works, and bring huge loss to the enterprise. When we find that there are some small faults in the machine, we should repair the machine in time. Don't think that if the problem is small, it will not be maintained in time. In this way, small problems will accumulate into big problems, which will eventually cause great damage to the organic fertilizer production machine, even to the point that it can not be repaired later.